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Entrepreneurship is creative and future-oriented because of the innovative mindset of entrepreneurs, who often care more than just their bottom line. By leading by example and finding creative answers to real, monetary and societal problems, they make a positive contribution to society. We profile top entrepreneurs from India who have created products and services that not only solve problems but also enrich people’s lives in innovative ways.

dr Arvinder Singh
dr Arvinder Singh is CEO and CMD of the Arth Group of Companies. He is a gold medalist, world record holder and International Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist based in Rajasthan. He is an expert in facial aesthetics and clinical cosmetology for botox, fillers, LASER and thread lift. He also has a keen interest in teaching and founder of the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Cosmetology and LASER (IAMCL). His expertise and keen business acumen promise to propel him to revolutionize the medical aesthetics industry.

Rahul Kauschik
Rahul Kaushik is the founder of MetaWhale World, a blockchain-based platform and the world’s first open-source decentralized metaverse. He launched MetaWhale World to allow users to build and monetize their gaming and NFT experience. He started his crypto journey in 2017 as a crypto trader, his interest sparked by his enthusiasm for technical analysis and blockchain technology. Since then, his attention has shifted to cryptocurrencies.

Gopal Vithalani
Gopal Vithalani is the founder of Cyber ​​Security Training Center which aims to provide ethical hacking courses to enthusiastic students, professionals, individuals and companies to develop and improve their knowledge and skills to perform cyber security tasks effectively. He is a certified cyber expert, cyber legal adviser and cyber crime investigator and is also considered a cyber guru in Gujarat and shares his expertise with the government and police whenever it is needed in the field of cyber security.

Sonu Bajaj
Sonu Bajaj is the Founder of the Indian Institute of Service Excellence, the first online hybrid service excellence value proposition established with the purpose of furthering change in this growing competitive environment with transformational programs for diverse cohorts such as colleges, institutes, corporations and corporations to advance During his journey of more than 30 years, Sonu had conducted more than 100 awareness, training and knowledge programs in colleges, institutes and companies in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Chandigarh.

Koonal Shah
Koonal Shah is the founder of Rent A Gadget, an innovative and novel online concept that offers you a hassle-free and affordable way to rent gadgets according to your needs. Whether you are an individual wanting the latest technology or a business entity looking to set up or upgrade existing technology, Rent A Gadget can successfully meet all of your needs. As a leader in IT services and solutions, Koonal Shah is at the forefront in providing a wide range of quality and genuine products along with customized and professional services.

Rakesh Ahuja
Hailing from the city of education, Kota, Rajasthan, Rakesh Ahuja is at the forefront of changing the business landscape for wedding venues worldwide. He is a bubbly leader with a vision to bring wedding venue business promotion plans to a global market. His company aims to bridge the gap between newlyweds and wedding venue owners. It has started operations in Rajasthan and plans to expand PAN India in the near future. With, Rakesh offers customized promotional plans to empower wedding property owners. helps venue owners improve their online presence and revenue with cutting-edge digital strategies. is a startup registered under the PM Startup Program.

dr Padmini Panigrahi
dr Padmini Panigrahi is a director of Koshala Hyundai and the Koshala Group of Industries. She is also a TEDx speaker, philanthropist and artist. Solving society’s diverse problems and raising its standards made her a dedicated entrepreneur. She has received numerous prestigious awards from various prestigious organizations and is widely known for her empowerment of women and her contribution to the field of dance.

Amit B Choudhury
Amit B. Choudhury is a well-known wedding photographer from Gujarat, India. He is the founder of ABC Photography – a brand internationally synonymous with luxury destination weddings. The “crazy” half of the award-winning ABC Photography team, Amit B. Choudhury, would do anything to get the perfect shot. Amit, winner of the SILK Photo Storytelling Award, was also nominated for Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2019. His business covers wedding photography, videography and lifestyle photography. Since 2008 his company has been covering weddings from all over the world.

Sumita Gupta
Susmita Gupta is the founder of Ed Innova – a content writing, PR and book publishing agency that aims to provide all types of content writing and PR services to all startups, individuals and established companies at low cost. She holds the world record for writing and publishing the most books on online platforms. She is the author of 4 fiction books and also owns a news website on behalf of Hindustan Pioneer, one of the most talked about digital news platforms, adding value and motivation to the stories of all personalities. Soon she will officially launch a fashion jewelry brand called Anaghtara.

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