Why a $140m coup could be golf’s ‘watershed’ as Smith struck out over a ‘cowardly’ move: World View – Fox Sports | CialisWay

Cameron Smith’s forthcoming exit is seen as LIV’s biggest “coup” yet in its quest for legitimacy. So far, The PGA Tour and its supporters have been able to argue that the Rebel League is merely a competition for washed-up pros to fund their bank accounts. No longer. While tour veterans Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia … Read more

Trump’s Republican allies outraged by FBI raid, demand explanation – Business Standard | CialisWay

Outraged Republican allies have demanded an explanation after federal agents conducted an unannounced raid on former US President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. Monday’s surprise search and seizure of documents in Mar-a-Lago sparked a violent response from senior Republican and Conservative officials, many of whom condemned federal law enforcement, spoke … Read more

Epigenic Therapeutics Raises $20M in Series Angel and Pre-A Funding to Advance Next Generation Gene Editing Therapy – Longview News-Journal | CialisWay

SHANGHAI, August 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Epigenic Therapeutics Co., Ltd., a pioneering biotechnology company dedicated to the development of next-generation gene-editing therapies that leverage regulation of the epigenetic genome for a variety of diseases, announced today that that it has entered into the contract 20 million dollars in Series Angel and Pre-A promotion. The series … Read more

US job market hiring likely to slow as recession fears mount – Business Standard | CialisWay

The US job market has defied raging inflation, rising interest rates and growing fears of a recession. Month after month, US employers hired hundreds of thousands of workers, often exceeding forecasts. But now economists fear signs of weakness are emerging in recruitment, threatening one of the United States’ last remaining economic … Read more

Couple’s ‘simple pleasure’ idea makes $2m – news.com.au | CialisWay

When Cam Greenwood first met his wife, Elise, they shared a love of the outdoors – and their whirlwind romance got them engaged just five months later. But at the time, Cam was going through one of the “most challenging” times of his life. It was 2017 and the surfing brand he started as a … Read more