Stop calling them “job creators” – Fortune | CialisWay

“Create a job” is a loaded term because it is only used in political debates. Yes, some business owners say it, not in boardrooms or internal memos, but rather when defending their role to the public. For years, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has campaigned on the concept against public scrutiny. Bernie Marcus, the founder of … Read more

VC funding is drying up. Here’s a four-fold founder’s guide to surviving a market downturn – Fortune | CialisWay

The start-up community has been particularly hard hit by the economic uncertainty in recent months. After unprecedented losses, SoftBank signaled they would be shedding headcount and divesting stakes in some of their most notable investments. Leading venture capital firms like Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator have issued sharp warnings to founders, telling them to brace … Read more

5 Expert-Backed Criteria for Investing in a Profitable Web3 Startup Now – Entrepreneur | CialisWay

opinions expressed by entrepreneur Contributors are their own. As markets face turmoil, investor perceptions of Web3 investing tend to be lukewarm, with most becoming skeptical about weathering the crisis. In the case of Bitcoin, for example, some thought it was doing well as it hit an all-time high while the crypto market in general contracted … Read more

America’s Strong Dollar Hurts Everyone Else – CNN | CialisWay

London CNN business — The US dollar has been on a soar this year. That’s good news for American tourists galloping through Europe, but bad news for pretty much every other country in the world. The greenback is up more than 10% against other top currencies in 2022 — near its highest level in two … Read more

US job market hiring likely to slow as recession fears mount – Business Standard | CialisWay

The US job market has defied raging inflation, rising interest rates and growing fears of a recession. Month after month, US employers hired hundreds of thousands of workers, often exceeding forecasts. But now economists fear signs of weakness are emerging in recruitment, threatening one of the United States’ last remaining economic … Read more

The recession is already here – if you’re a woman – fortune | CialisWay

Is there a fact that seems obvious to you, but when you share it with someone else, you’re stunned? Here’s mine: women habitually and disproportionately suffer from economic downturns stemming from centuries of pent-up injustice. Even before the pandemic, the gender pay gap left women with less money in their wallets and more money going … Read more