McConkey, Archer, Steinmeyer chase goals in collegiate athletics – The Maryville Forum | CialisWay

Legendary Northwest Missouri state coach Gene Steinmeyer once told Mallory McConkey that she had a great name to one day become a professional sports host. “I remember he used to say McConkey was a good name for a game announcer and something like that, which is kind of funny,” McConkey recalls as one of her … Read more

Hopefully the players can channel their anger after losing to Malaysia: Indian Coach – Business Standard | CialisWay

The mixed-team competition was over and dusted when India lost to Malaysia in the final and settled for the silver medal, but the team’s Danish doubles coach Mathias Boe hoped the defeat would spark the “anger” in them and theirs The gold medal in the individual disciplines will trigger “hunger”. … Read more

What happened to Legion Baseball? | Sports | – Emporia Gazette | CialisWay

The nearly 100-year-old baseball institution, the American Legion, is suffering. It is a 20th century organization fighting against the 2022 Conventions. It seems the 21st century challenges Legion Ball’s mid-century values ​​with the existential indifference of Gen Z and a brave New America. The Washington Post reported in 2017 that the America Legion had lost … Read more