The Midwest Asian Variety Store will soon be opening in the old Great Wall Restaurant Burlington Hawk Eye | CialisWay

Ed and Rose Lacsa talk Thursday at the Midwest Asian Variety Store at 3103 Kirkwood St. in Burlington.  The two plan to open the store later this month and expand to carryout in the near future.

The ornate decor left behind in the former Great Wall restaurant has been complemented by aisles of Asian groceries and antiques as Rose and Ed Lacsa prepare for the upcoming opening of the Midwest Asian Variety Store.

Located at 3103 Kirkwood St., opening in about two weeks, the store will provide Southeastern Iowans who want to try their hand at Filipino, Korean, Japanese, Thai or Chinese cuisine a place to shop for ingredients or grab snacks and bubble tea . looking through a collection of antiques Ed previously had at Eclectic Design and Antiques.

“That’s why I put the ‘variety’ in it,” Ed said with a laugh at the store’s name.

And in a few months, the Lacsas plan to offer cooked food like egg rolls, noodles, kebabs and other Filipino takeaways. They hope to expand to dine-in within the next year.

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