As One Year Anniversary Passes, Gaylord’s Marijuana Economy Booms – Petoskey News-Review | CialisWay

Of the 27 marijuana licenses approved by Gaylord City Council, 22 are for retail outlets, including Skymint, which recently opened on Main Street.

GAYLORD — When Gaylord City Council passed an ordinance allowing marijuana companies to operate in the city in May 2021, the council focused primarily on two goals: job creation and tax revenue.

According to most reports, the Regulation has achieved these objectives.

Gaylord began issuing licenses for the marijuana business a little over a year ago, and by the end of August, 27 licenses had been approved by the council. Of these, 22 are for retail stores, two for micro-retail businesses, one for a transport company and two for growing facilities.

A rough estimate shows that the city’s economy has generated anywhere from 70 to over 100 jobs through the cannabis companies. Next year, Gaylord and Otsego County will participate in the distribution of tax revenue for adult marijuana use. This year, more than $42 million was distributed to 163 municipalities and counties under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act.

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